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I am a girl of fire.
Unlike the rest …
I have the courage to face
every single one of my fears.

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I’m a girl firefighter.
I fight the flames, I fight the fire!
I like what I do.
I love my job;
I’m volunteer firefighter.

I’m a girl firefighter.
It was not planned,
I admit it,
I never dreamed of being a firefighter,
It was something that little by little
I managed to get with hard work and heart.

Now I have some addictions …
Fire, flames, practices,
Work, commitment, guards,
Adrenaline and trainings.
To all of this I became addicted …
The good thing is that
they are good addictions.

I am a girl of fire.
Unlike the rest …
I will continue to growing,
Because despite my fears,
I have goals and dreams;
And I believe in every single one of them.

I am a woman,
I am a girl,
I am fire and
I’m a firefighter.

Silvia Corrales

¡Bien! Esta entrada es sobre lo que me gusta ser y hacer.

Esta entrada, también va sobre el lugar en donde he aprendido mucho de lo que se al dia de hoy, las personas que me han enseñado,  las vivencias que me han permitido crecer…

Gracias a los Bomberos USB

Bueno, ya les seguiré contando sobre todo esto…